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What was celebrities reaction when they were asked, What’s Special about Salman Khan? Read on….

Nandana Sen
How was it working with Salman Khan?
I just loved working with him (Marigold) – he’s as bratty as he is kind! True to his fun loving nature, Salman teased me mercilessly. At the same time, he was extremely kind when I had to leave suddenly because of my grandmother’s illness. I like him enormously.

Shilpa Shetty
“Salman is not a fair weather friend. He is the kind of friend I can rely on,” says his pal Shilpa Shetty, who became fast friends with him during the making of Auzaar. No matter who the woman in his life, Shilpa will always be his friend.

Rani Mukherjee
How would you describe Salman Khan in one word?
(Laughs) I’ll need two words for that.. ROCK STAR

Rakhi Sawant
The hottest HUNK of bollywood is got to be shirtless Salman Khan! Man, he looks really hot and dashing!

Bhumika Chawla
He isn’t too free with his advice
‘Salman is a fabulous person. He was also a very supportive co-star. I had heard & read a lot abt him. Who has’t, when it comes to Salman Khan.? But I didn’t go on the sets with any preconceived notions abt him. I don’t judge people unless I interact with them & form my own opinion. Intially I used to go & sit quietly in a corner till called for rehearsals and shots, finish my work and go home. I didn’t open up with him at first, not bcoz I was in awe of him or becoz I was waiting for a buddy-like feeling to develop between us. I didn’t want to impress him nor did I want to be impressed by him. I was there as a co-star & that was all,’ ‘The funny part was that once we did get talking, it was the last schedule & the film ended. I was sad that we couldn’t be friends. But the next day I got an offer for ‘Dilne Jise Apna Kaha’ with him & I was happy to acceot the film’ But she does keep in touch, ‘I do call Salman once in a very rare while. to ask for his suggestions or opinions on producers ,directors, and so on. I consider him a friend and a lovely person. I am fond of him in a way. I look up to him not becoz he is Salman Khan but becoz he has been here for 18 years and knows the industry inside out. He isn’t too free with his advice, he doesn’t give it to everyone, so I listen to what he says. I give him the respect one would accord to a senior.

Mahima Chaudhry
He is the perfect Spiderman
More than the face, I would want my SpiderMan to have the perfect physique. No paunch, please. And with these requirements, only one person can fit the bill: Salman Khan.

Priyanka Chopra
He is HIGHLY misunderstood
He was most helpful since I was very new when we started work on the film. Initially, I was a little distant but being a romantic film topped with large doses of comedy, it was important for us to build a rapport. Salman went out of his way to break the ice & we became very cordial. In person he is very different from the image that is portrayed of him and what I learnt about him in this short span, is that he is highly misunderstood’

Could you tell us three things about Salman Khan ?
He’s misunderstood, intelligent and a good actor

Preity Zinta
He is very cute and naughty
“Salman is very cute — at least in the shots we have done together. Thanks to his spontaneity and cuteness, he can make the silliest thing look normal and believable. If he looks at you, he looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. But he has this naughtiness and that’s what lights up his face.

Aishwarya Rai
He is the sexiest man around!
Ash is supposed to have keen business acumen, they say she is cool and mature at handling every expect of her life, yet she went public atleast in the promos of ‘Rendezvous With Simi Grewal’ saying that Salman was her idea of the SEXIEST MAN around. As she said it she twisted her lovely face into a bewlldered absolutely non-Ash what-the-hell-am-I-saying, grimace. Salman is a HONEY and all that, but still!

Arbaaz Khan
He is a sensitive human being
As his brother, I’m one of the few people who knows the real Salman Khan and can vouch for the fact that beneath his rough exterior, lies a very sensitive human being. Not many people know of the numerous acts of charity that he has performed. I have seen him break down completely over the suffering of complete strangers. He is a great family person and really cares for his relatives and friends. Like everbody else, he too has some weak spots. He likes to live life to the fullest and this thirst gets him bad publicity at times. Another thing about him is that he says and does the first thing that comes to his mind when provoked. His anger lasts only a few seconds but gets translated as a lifestyle when highlighted by the press. The inability to illustrate his version of events is another of Salman’s shortcomings. If only he treated the media as his friend, half his problems would get solved. I’m the last person to comment on how he should lead his life but one thing I really hope for is that he should settle down soon. Maybe marriage will bring stability to his life.

Rumi Jaffry
He has great charisma
I have written many films for Salman Khan and the one thing about him that has always struck me is his charisma. They say that your surat (face) is a mirror to your sirat (character) and that’s very true in Salman’s case. His face transmits a certain aura that cheers up the beholder from inside. Another thing is that he suits every kind of genre, be it romance, comedy or action. I can visualise him playing any sort of a character as he has the ability to bring that character to life. His charisma has made him a favourite with every filmmaker and he is one of the few rare actors that do not belong to any camp. In my view, apart from doing the type of roles he is doing right now, Salman should make a gradual shift to doing more sublime, mature kind of roles.

Sajid Nadiadwala
He is a committed actor
People call Salman Khan arrogant, and unprofessional and I totally agree. He is so arrogant that he just takes my word and signs my films blindly. He is so unprofessional that he reports at 8:45 for a 9’0 clock shoot. He has upset me so much that even after working with him on three films, I still want to do every film of mine with him. He has corrupted me so much that now I expect his kind of dedication and sincerity from each of my artistes. Working with him, I really feel out of touch with reality. The whole process becomes so smooth that I have to pinch myself to remember that I’m still working in the film industry. He is generous to a fault. He forever jokes around and lightens the atmosphere. He behaves courteously with his co-stars. Seriously, what else should a filmmaker want? It pains me to read about his so-called misdemeanours and makes me wonder whether the writer has written about the same person that I know. Maybe, like my film Judwaa, there are really two Salmans. The bad one does all the mischief and the good one gets all the blame. Let people say anything, in my view, he is the most committed actor that I have come across so far.

Diya Mirza
He has got a good physique
Salman Khan has got a very good physique. He looks just like a Greek god. But, he hasn’t let his good looks go to his head. I consider him to be one of the most efficient, intelligent people I have met so far. I was a rank newcomer when I signed Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge and the stories I had heard about Salman’s wild antics were making me nervous. I had mentally prepared myself for torment. But what followed was an exact anti-thesis. From day one itself, Salman was courtesy personified. This line is totally male dominated and it helps a heroine a great deal if her hero treats her with respect. That sets a benchmark for everybody else on the sets. From the spotboy onwards to the producer and the director, nobody dares to mistreat her. Working in the film with Salman has been one of the happiest experiences of my life, one that I will always cherish.

He generates mass hysteria
Maine Pyaar Kiya saw Salman Khan stride the box-office like a giant and since then he has never looked back. A large portion of his success can, in my view, be safely attributed to the mass hysteria he generates among the female sex. But despite his loverboy image, the Salman I remember will always be the half-smiling kid who went out of his way to make me comfortable. Unlike Salman, whose father was a bigshot writer, I was completely new to the film line. Once, during the making of Maine Pyaar Kiya, a cameraman wanted to shoot an intimate shot of us with a particular angle that I wasn’t comfortable with. Despite being the film’s hero, he told the cameraman to take my permission first before proceeding. I was so touched by this incident that its memory is fresh to this day. I think it is this inherent protective quality that makes the girls go wild over Salman.

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